Muslims Riot For 4th Night Running in Grenoble, France


Predominantly Muslim rioters in the French city of Grenoble set cars on fire and hurled molotov cocktails at police for a fourth consecutive night.

The rioters were expressing their anger at the deaths of two boys aged 17 and 19 who were not wearing helmets and refused to pull over for police before leading them on a high speed chase.

The two were killed when a bus traveling on a bridge moved to make way for the police cars and crushed the teenagers against the wall of the bridge.

Residents responded by staging protest marches before around one hundred hooded youths took to the streets, torching vehicles and attacking police.

Molotov cocktails, fireworks and gasoline bombs were all hurled at police, who responded by firing tear gas.

At least 65 vehicles were destroyed during the unrest.




Major cities in France have repeatedly been hit by riots in so called “problem areas,” emphasizing that the integration of large numbers of Muslim migrants has failed.

Last month, French author Eric Zemmour said areas of France are now completely outside the control of police and are being run by Arab gangs who have imposed de facto Sharia law.

“We aren’t in France any longer,” said Zemmour, adding that police are refusing to enter such areas for fear of provoking a riot.

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Third night of rioting shakes after two teens die in police chase


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In an interview given by France’s then Interior Minister Gérard Collomb last year, Collomb admitted that the country’s security situation is dire thanks to mass immigration.

Asked what he thought about the security situation, Collomb responded, “The relations between people are very hard, people don’t want to live together.”

Pressed as to whether he thought mass immigration was responsible for this unrest, Collomb responded, “Enormously so,” before going on to acknowledge that France did not need any more immigration.

Back in December, numerous French generals were hit with disciplinary action after signing an open letter accusing President Macron of “treason” for committing France to the UN migration pact.

France has been hit by massive yellow vest protests and riots over the last few months, partly as a backlash to Macron’s immigration policy.

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Grenoble, France, 2019 .


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